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After days of harmony madness, tuning and InFAMOUS 2(what? It's awesome), I'm finally finished with my UST of Sirius! One of my greatest wonders(in an UTAU sense) was why no one had made a full cover of one of Eir Aoi's best songs, and actually release a UST for it? I mean there is one cover, but for certain reasons, that person doesn't want to release the UST(stingy...). So I decided to create my own! I feel a sense of satisfaction with being able to type in "Kizuna-P" under the ownership of the UST. If anyone plans to use the UST, comment a link to your cover if you'd like! Anyways, thanks for watching, and I hope you enjoy it!UST: Kizuna-PUtauloid紅鏡緋色edge (Akagami Hero edge)As for the UST, I will not release it, so don't bother asking! ...Nah. Who am I kidding? I'm much too generous. Here's the download link!



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