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Creoles and Ceife - Was Conceived by bringing explicit influences, blending American rhythm and blues and the popular Brazilian Brega, creating a new musical style.hat the origin of his compositions were the fusion of two styles, the 'Rhythm and Blues' American with the popular Brazilian musical genre, a creating a new style still without name. It is also known that his art comes from the absolute influence of '' Elvis' ',' 'Michael Jackson', Tim Maia and '' Ella Fitizgerald ''.The different style to interpret his songs built his '' BLACK MUSIC '' have already been the target of severe criticism, however, is undeniable contribution MPB to create this '' New Style ''. The lyrics deal with various issues such as gender, existentialism, passion and prejudice themselves are synonymous with creativity and not lost when faced with its unusual improvisations voice. In the videos that are on 'YouTube' 'is evident tribute to his Nipponese descent, especially when inserting references of culture' 'Pop' 'Asian.


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