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Credits, □Akira: Cogeta Cats□Adamo: im4947166□チンピラA/ 男性A: asatoshi1□モブダンサー: kumakuma□鎌瀬達人: 三浦大根□香港映画P: im1920290□Stage/ motion: Winglayer□Audio: Brooklyn Nine-Nine /Season 5 Episode 17


タグ cogetacats がついた人気の動画
  • MMD - WIP...

    MMD - WIP...

    There is no sound, it's normal :)Link Youtube HD: Akira by Yukina Saturne Models by Karota DXちゃん by sm16352934MOB黒服 by ミリタリーPAyase Eri by im4520916Hoshizora Rin by im4520916stage by im1189922car by arisumatioMotion/ camera by Cogeta Cats

  • MMD - Mmm Yeah (meme)

    MMD - Mmm Yeah (meme)

    credits,- Akira: Cogeta Cats- Miku casual: sarang nin- headphone: RubsSoul- phone: im7102130- Motion: Cogeta Cats- Pictures: Googleanimation original (meme)- Zanyash :3

  • MMDシリーズ/ モンスター - なぞなぞ

    MMDシリーズ/ モンスター - なぞなぞ

    Monster is a purely fictional story, the script and animation were created by Cogeta Cats with MMD-- All credits are at the end of the video --This is the first episode of my serie Monster.I'm not used to working on this kind of project of animation, sure there are some flaws in the sequences, please leave me a little time so that I can i

  • MMD - New challenger

    MMD - New challenger

    Credits- Akira: Cogeta Cats- Vegeta: Karota- Trunks: Karota- Stage: CrossMMD- Motion: MMDCdrique~ The sound effects such as transformation, vegeta voice and teleportation were added by myself.~

  • MMD - Dernière Danse

    MMD - Dernière Danse

    Credits, - Ciel: LITTLE-BLUEBELL- Akira: Cogeta Cats- Sebastian: Cogeta Cats- Motion: Cogeta CatsAccessories - Chessboard: im4364564- Tea set: im6035037- Tray: im7102296- Glass wine: im7615520- Rose petal: im3365861- Rose: im4392008- Whip: im4555884- Chains: disk_j- Towel: im8104892Stages: - im5727227- im9221620- im4526247- im2603790- 01mikuxlen02

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