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Original song by Kagamine Len. This time i make Nami sing along with Ren XD Ignore the art please, i'm too lazy so that's why the art not look so good. List of my video > mylist/17995392


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  • 【UTAU RELEASE】 Big Brother (Crusher Remix) 【渡瀬マキ】

    【UTAU RELEASE】 Big Brother (Crusher Remix) 【渡瀬マキ】

    こんばんは!Crusher-Pです!This is a remix of BIG BROTHER by KAKU P-Model I made with my UTAU, Maki. I hope you like it! This remix was also inspired by this version: nm3957995UST/Instrumental: Download Maki:'s Twitter: 3:43

  • 【UTAU】Love is War  * snow mix *【沖編歌エビ】

    【UTAU】Love is War * snow mix *【沖編歌エビ】

    ※ずどどんPの「snow knows」のオケを使用させて頂いてます ■色々と拝借させて頂きました。感謝→ 恋は戦争:supercell(sm2397344 * snow knows:zddn(sm5432615 * 英歌詞:xzerulx91( 歌詞アレンジはkooyo*PのKAITOver「愛は戦争」sm2891745が元のようです。* 歌参考:rockleetist* イラスト:annamaeblythe;magnet(sm6909505カバー用 4:32

  • [UTAU]旧支配者のキャロル[地ク音ケンタ]


    lol, scary kenta XD!! i reuploaded this from youtube.. i saw megurine luka 巡音ルカ and sweet ann of vocaloid sing this song, and luckily it also provides a VSQ file for it ^o^!! and so i made my UTAU kenta to sing it :D mp3: hope you enjoy watching!! please comment!! 1:12

  • [UTAU]右肩の蝶[地ク音ケンタ]


    A REUPLOAD FROM YOUTUBE(ENGLISH): made the song days ago.. i thought i wanted to upload something, so here :P!! oh, i wasnt able to fill the part after 1:52 "de-d-desho, warui nante, wa-warui nante~(i dont even know if thats right or im just guessing DX)".. so i kinda messed up a bit D:.. oh and didnt you notice that kenta sings this son 1:52

  • キレキャリオン (Kire Carry On)  feat. 電圧空

    キレキャリオン (Kire Carry On) feat. 電圧空

    Original : Police Piccadilly (sm30228596)Edit Mix : PeiUst : tdrloid這次參考了あらき的翻唱 因為實在太帥了電圧空 的聲音也不輸其他人哦最後希望大家會喜歡 2:58

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